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It can show the starting of a new trend and its strength by counting the times between highs and lows over a fixed period. Iif we look at the bottom half, however, we can see a red line and a blue line. The first section shows Aroon Down on top for the majority of the time. However, just after that, there’s a large section with Aroon Up on top, so the overall trend was downwards. You can see the places where the two lines cross over each other, which is where a trend starts.

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His focus is on the technical side of trading filtering in a macro overview and credits a handful of traders that have heavily influenced his relaxed approach to trading. Shane started day trading Forex but has since transitioned to a swing/position focus in most markets including commodities and futures. This has allowed less time in front of the computer without an adverse affect on returns. I want to say that trading the crossovers as trading signals, when to enter and exit a trade, is not the best way to use the Aroon. You will want to apply other technical analysis techniques instead of trading the crosses blindly. Technical analysis focuses on market action — specifically, volume and price.

Technical analysis is only one approach to analyzing stocks. When considering which stocks to buy or sell, you should use the approach that you’re most comfortable with. A moving average is a technical analysis indicator that helps level price action by filtering out the noise from random price fluctuations.

Top 5 Best Forex Day Trading Strategies That Work

If no error in my measurements BTC draws the gartley pattern I have shown the target TP zones in the graphic. If we look at the old support points, BTC will come back at a support of 41K. Prop firms have strict rules and regulations that require traders to maintain strong discipline. Only use the Aroon indicator after you believe you have a solid strategy that can hold the drawdown.


If this occurs traders will be notified as the Aroon Up crosses the Aroon Down. Trend direction using the Aroon Up and Down indicator is based on how the Aroon Up and Aroon Down lines interact. The market is in an uptrend if the Aroon Up line is above the Aroon Down line . Inversely, the market is in a downtrend if the Aroon Down line is above the Aroon Up line. In the first oval, the Green Up line signals a “Buy” order is appropriate. A conservative trader might wait, but an aggressive trader might move at the crossover since the Greenline hit the extremes so quickly.

Fundamentals and the Aroon Indicator

For example, you may have a Chart with two existing Areas for Candlesticks and Volume. To add MACD, click ‘Add indicator to new area’, select MACD, close the details popup, and then’Apply…’ and the Chart will be extended to show MACD. All information on The Forex Geek website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide financial advice. Any statements about profits or income, expressed or implied, do not represent a guarantee. Your actual trading may result in losses as no trading system is guaranteed. The lines move in opposite directions – a new trend appears.

aroon oscillator

This indicator fluctuates between -100 and +100 with zero as the middle line. An upward trend bias is present when the oscillator is positive, while a downward trend bias exists when the oscillator is negative. Chartists can also expand the bull-bear threshold to identify stronger signals. See our ChartSchool article for more details on Aroon-Up and Aroon-Down.

The Aroon Indicator Strategy – Using The Aroon Indicator In Forex Trading

We will now look at a practical example of our Aroon oscillator trading strategy outlined earlier. On the price chart below you will find the price action for the US dollar to Canadian dollar currency pair plotted on the daily timeframe. However, it’s also important to utilize other technical methods in conjunction with the Aroon indicator when using it as a countertrend signal.

  • When the curves intersect, it is interpreted as a “Buy” or “Sell” signal, depending on which curve takes the lead.
  • Finding the direction of the trend is one of the most difficult tasks designated to any trader.
  • If the Aroon’s period is set to 60 and the “Aroon down” is at 75, this means that the most recent low was 15 periods ago.

You could then add an additional Plot to overlay a moving average. Use the Up and Down buttons to re-arrange the Plot order within the Area. If you have an interest in financial trading, you must have knowledge of two concepts, moving averages and volume….

This feature of the Aroon indicator to identify very strong uptrends and downtrends comes in handy for traders in the real-world market. And similarly, when the down line value is at or near the 100 level it represents a strong bearish sentiment and an extremely strong downtrend. Aroon indicator is a technical analysis tool used to predict a financial instrument’s reversal points. It can also be used to measure the strength of the current momentum. The indicator was developed back in 1995 by Tushar Chande.

Aroon Trading Signals

It shows if a price is trending or is in a trading range. It can also indicate the start of a new trend, its strength, and can help anticipate changes from trading ranges to trends. As conceived by the creator, Aroon had to determine points for entering trades before other indicators and inform traders about this.

After the price gains momentum, the lines will head for 100 again. The RSI indicates oversold levels, coupled with a static down line from the Aroon indicator. The sellers close their positions, and the buyers take over, which results in a crossover and a slightly bullish momentum. How to filter off market noise with the Laguerre polynomials. Description of Laguerre RSI parameters and forex trading strategies with Laguerre RSI indicator. When the Aroon-Up line goes above the zone of 30% and at the same time crosses the descending Aroon-Down from the bottom up, it is a buy signal.

The focuses on the last 25 periods, but is scaled to zero and 100. Therefore, an Aroon Up reading above 50 means the price made a new high within the last 12.5 periods. When it is above 50, a low was witnessed within the 12.5 periods. A Down reading near 100 means a low was seen very recently. Track the highs and lows for the last 25 periods on an asset.

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To filter out the noise and receive additional confirmation, traders can also use multiple time frames for their analysis with any indicator. Arrow indicators for binary options are the tools for “the lazy”. In the Forex charts they indicate with arrows the potential points of the market entering.

The first will obviously be the Aroon oscillator, with the default setting of 25. The second study we will utilize a 200 period Exponential moving average, 200 EMA, as our trend filter. For example a 14 Day Aroon-Up will take the number of days since price last recorded a 14 day high and then calculate a number between 0 and 100. A 14 Day Aroon-Down will do the same thing except is will calculate a number based of the number of days since a 14 day low.

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On the one hand, we can spot when a new trend will emerge. For identifying market reversals you can use the Mass Index indicator (Check the Mass Index – Ultimate Guide to Trend Reversal). If you have been trading for some time, you can easily figure out that the Aroon indicator behaves almost exactly the same way as the Average Directional Index indicator. However, you should remember that there are key differences between these two indicators.

Head to the Aroon to confirm an uptrend and take the long trade. The stop loss can be placed below the first dot or by using the Fibonacci intervals. As Aroon is used for indicating the momentum, trend, and reversals, we can couple it up with various other indicators in the same class.

The SAR dots and the Aroon indicator print out bullish and negative pictures on the H4 EURJPY chart. The trader can be closed when the SAR prints a dot on the opposing side. There can be many crossovers at Aroon in the same time frame as the death cross. We can jump over to the higher intervals specifically for the Aroon indicator to filter out the noise. The RSI and the Aroon indicator can act as strongholds for trading reversals.

Traders will watch both lines as they oscillate between and change their market preference as one line crosses above the other. If Aroon Down is above Aroon Up the trend is considered down with price expected to go lower. The opposite holds true if Aroon Up is residing above Aroon down.

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On the other hand, having the Aroon Down close to 100% simultaneously would also mean a low not long ago. As we have learned from this lesson, the Aroon up and down indicator has many functional uses for the technical trader. It can help us in determining the trendiness of the market, and the strength of that trend. Keep in mind that the Aroon indicator should be used in conjunction with other complementary trading tools to a add a layer of confirmation for a trade. Let’s look at one more example of this Aroon indicator strategy. On the price chart below you will find the US dollar to Canadian dollar forex pair shown on the daily chart once again.

The down line within the indicator must cross above the up line of the Aroon indicator. The down line within the Aroon indicator must cross above the 50 threshold. They up line within the Aroon indicator must cross above the down line of the Aroon indicator.

In the most basic interpretation we say that the is bullish when Aroon-Up is above 50 and Aroon-Down is below 50. This set-up indicates new daily highs are more likely than new daily lows. In that case, the Aroon-Down is above 50, while the Aroon-Up is below 50. Generally, you have a momentum oscillator that can easily be in your top 3 best technical indicators for profitable trading. The indicators you’re using will affect how you interpret the trends.

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